The mission of the Maine Youth Cheerleading Coaches Association (MYCCA), a non-profit organization, is to assist the sport of cheerleading at the youth, recreational and middle school levels by establishing guidelines that foster the development and safety of our sport. MYCCA will provide a support system and serve as a resource of information for all its members. The goals of the MYCCA include:

To foster high standard of professionalism, fairness and ethics

To provide a foundation for new and existing cheerleading coaches and their advocates

To provide a healthy atmosphere for coaches, athletes and advocates to excel in the sport of cheerleading

To offer professional development and a forum for the exchange of current practices and trends

To promote a sense of continuity among all programs

To uphold the integrity of the sport


 Competitions 2022

*All dates are subject to change*


MYCCA Showcase

Registration Deadline 

Janurary 29th

Oxford Hills Invitational 

Registration Deadline February 28th

March 5th

Lisbon Cheer Challenge 

Registration Deadline March 7th

March 13th

Turner Invitational 

Registration Deadline March 11

March 26th

Cougar Clash Invitational

Registration Deadline February 15th

February 20th

GNG  Diamonds Shine Bright Cheer Invitational 

Registration Deadline February 18th

March 4th

MYCCA Showcase

Registration Deadline 

Janurary 29th

South Portland Invitational 

Registration Deadline February 26th

March 12th

Elite Cheer Challenge

Registration Deadline March 12

March 19th

Spring Fling Invitational

Registration Deadline March 18 

March 26th

Maine Cheer Classic 

Registration Deadline March 25th

April 2nd

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  • 20 Participants maximum.  

  • Dismounts to performing surface must have assisted landings.

  • Routine must be a maximum of three (3) minutes.

  • Routine must include a cheer (long enough to effectively judge voice), team dance, team jumps,

          partner stunts / pyramids (according to guidelines attached)  and tumbling.

Basic Dismounts:  Hand to Hand dismount, Shrug, Shove Wrap or Pencil Down
Intermediate Dismounts:  Basic cradle dismount  

Advance Dismounts:  Twist, Pancake

NOTE:  Basket tosses and launches are NOT PERMITTED for any youth / middle school
team AND the total number of twists from dismounts may NOT exceed more than 1 rotation.

 All divisions state the highest degree of difficulty allowed. Not all stunts mentioned are required. If a team does not comply with the guidelines, they will be subjected to deductions.  Each organization is required to follow the MYCCA Guidelines, National Federation Spirit Rules and The Maine Principals’ Association Rules.

Important Information

These grade exceptions are only made for small programs who cannot otherwise field a team of at least 5 athletes within the regular grade guidelines. Email for any further clarifications.

Grade Guidelines

Updated Grade Guidelines 

3rd graders may participate in the Rising Star Division IF your organization cannot field a Shooting Star Team that meets the five member.  2nd - 4th grade minimum.


5th graders may participate in the Shooting Stars Division IF your organization cannot field a Shining Star Team that meets the five member 4th - 6th grade minimum.


7th graders may participate in the Shining Stars Division IF your organization cannot field a Superstar OR Middle School Team that meets the five member 6th - 8th grade minimum.

2021/2022  MYCCA Members


MYCCA Board Members


Amanda Morong


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Tracy Bissonnette

Vice President


Courtney Shay

Registrar/ Webmaster


Trish Roderick



Christine Mecham

Secretary / Invitational Coordinator


Susan Harnett

Lead Judge